Start here. In this course, we go through important basics that enable in-depth learning of increasingly complex topics in information security. The course is intended for students who are new to information technology.

Burp Suite - Fundamentals

BurpSuite is the leading web application security tool that facilitates identification and exploitation of vulnerabilities in web applications using various tools.

Python Programming

Let's learn the basics of programming with Python. Aimed at complete beginners.

Basics of web development

This course is an introduction to web development and focuses on the basics of HTML, CSS, JavaScript and backend systems. The aim of the course is to provide students with the necessary skills and knowledge to design, develop and understand simple web applications.

SQL Injection

SQL injection is probably the cause of the majority of serious data breaches, mainly because vulnerability is very likely in a large application if the technology choices are bad, and the result is usually leaking the entire database to the attacker.

Password attacks

Passwords are terribly insecure for an awful lot of reasons, but still necessary. A dangerous combination!

Command injections

One of the scariest places an injection vulnerability can hit is operating system commands. The penalty is almost always a complete takeover of the server by the attacker. However, these vulnerabilities are found quite often when the application uses, for example, command line tools behind the scenes.

XSS (Cross-Site Scripting)

Learn how to find and exploit a vulnerability that is one of the most common vulnerabilities, easy to find, and yet very dangerous. Hackerone ranked XSS the #1 bug bounty vulnerability of 2021.

JWT Attacks

There are JWT tokens almost everywhere you look these days. However, the choice or configuration of the JWT library often goes wrong, which can lead to token forgery, which in turn typically leads to a total breach of the application's security.

XXE (XML External Entity) Attacks

XML is superficially a simple protocol, tags and attributes. However, XML has hidden capabilities that unfortunately are often not disabled by default in XML handlers...


A vulnerability that has historically plagued PHP applications in particular and can still be found in the wild, especially in old web applications.

Access control vulnerabilities

Development is developing and thanks to modern application frameworks, traditional injection vulnerabilities or authentication problems are constantly being seen less and less. However, there is one thing that seems to always remain as difficult to implement safely, and that is the access control of a complex application.

URL injection

Injections can sometimes be found in surprising places, and building URLs is a common place where developers forget to consider the danger.

Template Injection Vulnerabilities

HTML is typically built with templates precisely to avoid injection vulnerabilities, but sometimes it happens so miserably that the injection hits the template itself, and in that case the consequences are serious.

Deserialization Attacks

Serialization is an extremely easy and convenient way to get complex states saved on disk or transferred over the network. However, ease brings with it a dark side, dismantling a serialized object can be compared to dismantling a bomb. It has to be done just right or the consequences can be catastrophic.

Browser security

The browser is a versatile environment, with code from completely different parties running in different tabs and windows, and these web applications are still able to communicate with each other. Such an environment has its risks!


Windows - Attack and Defense

Windows and Active Directory attacks and defense



Nmap is one of the most well-known tools that you can use to perform versatile network scans. Every information security professional should know how to use this tool.

Windows information security basics

In this course, we go through the basics related to managing Windows systems and maintaining information security.

Linux management and hardening

In this course, we go through topics related to managing and hardening Linux systems

Type-juggling vulnerabilities

Automatic type conversion of a programming language can lead to unexpected results that can be exploited by an attacker

PDF export injection

PDF file generators are common and for good reason. However, dangerous vulnerabilities have been found in these in recent years.



Wireshark is a tool used to capture and analyze data traffic. The tool is suitable for learning different network protocols and you often need it in CTF competitions as well.

Cyber philosophy

Thoughts on cyber security, data protection and more.

Basics and concepts of information security monitoring

In this course, we go through the concepts related to the organization's information security control.


From the history of cryptography to current use, the basics of encryption, technologies, applications and their impact on security.



Metasploit is a popular attack framework that helps professionals identify and exploit security holes. In this course, you will go through the use of Metasploit and learn how it can be used to carry out attacks and find security holes.

Data networks

Let's get to know information networks and network protocols in a little more depth than the basic course. A prerequisite for getting by, for example, with Nmap and Wireshark courses.



Nessus is a widely used security assessment tool designed to identify vulnerabilities and weaknesses in computer systems, networks and applications.