Hakatemia for Businesses

Do you have developers or cybersecurity consultants in your company?

Are you looking for a hands-on training platform where employees can practice cybersecurity and ethical hacking? You can stop looking!

Think like a hacker

Best hackers code, best coders hack

Thinking like a hacker results in safe code

Just as a locksmith studies the tactics of burglars to create stronger locks, a developer ought to study hacking techniques to construct stronger code.

Develop a hacker mindset

Gain insights into the mindset of hackers to preemptively identify and fix vulnerabilities in your software.

Learn ethical hacking

Learn ethical hacking techniques to develop a proactive approach to security.

Reduce cyber risk

Empower your developers to write secure code from the start, reducing the risk of cyber threats.

Level up!

Gamified learning environment makes learning fun

Hakatemia is a gamified learning environment where users get experience points, levels and badges for successfully completing tasks. On the company leaderboard, employees can compete with their colleagues.

Complete tasks to level up

By completing tasks employees get experience points and levels.

Master new skills

Hakatemia has different types of exercises that give experience points to the skills related to the exercise.

Compete on the leaderboard

Employees can compete on the company leaderboard and on the Hakatemia leaderboard against others.

Keep up your streak

A long streak of completing tasks increases the employee's streak, encouraging independent practice on weekends, for example.

Get badges

By completing challenges, employees get badges that are visible in their profile.

Assign tasks and track progress

Assign työntekijät to groups, give tasks and track progress

In Hakatemia you can create groups, give tasks and track employees progress.

You can create groups and add employees to groups. You can give groups tasks or goals and track their progress.

You can give groups tasks or goals and track their progress. You can assign the group individual tasks, entire courses or entire learning paths.

You can track the progress of the entire company, individual groups or individual employees and see which tasks are still pending and which have already been completed.

No VPN required

Real-world lab exercises brought straight to your browser

Hakatemia lab environment has used a variety of technologies to optimize the user experience. We always strive to provide the simplest, most functional and fastest user interface for completing the task.

Web-based terminal

Often lab exercises do not require a full desktop environment, but rather a terminal. For this reason, Hakatemia uses a terminal based on xterm.js, which works directly in your browser. Unlike a full remote desktop, the web terminal works in real time even on slower connections and copy/paste works normally.

Web-based desktop

However, some lab exercises require a full desktop environment. In this case, we use a VNC connection tunneled over WebSockets, which allows a fully functional Kali Linux desktop directly in your browser.

Web-based development environment

In the web development environment, you can write and run code and scripts directly in your browser. This option is typically used when you are required to write or edit code or scripts to complete the task.

Yeah, let's do that!

Relaxed pricing and licensing model

19€ / license / month
Hakatemia is priced so that it is affordable even for small companies. The floating licensing model is also very flexible, so you can choose the model that suits your company.
Annual pricing, pay as you want
Hakatemia for companies is paid for a year at a time, based on the company's estimate of the number of licenses required. The number of licenses can be easily increased during the year, in which case the difference will be paid in the next year's billing. You can pay in any way you want, for example by credit card or bank transfer.
Keeping it simple
Hakatemia strives to keep things simple. Let us assume that your company needs 100 licenses in February, 200 licenses in May and 50 licenses for the rest of the year. In this case, we can just calculate that an average of 67 licenses are needed in a year and bill accordingly.

A continually growing selection

A course for everyone

We are constantly adding new courses, modules, labs, practice environments, challenges and tools to Hakatemia. Start now and you will have plenty of new things to learn when you have learned the current material. A hacker is never finished, but we will develop together!



Our trainers have long experience in cybersecurity, both professionally and as a hobby.

  • Walentin Helling


    Walentin is a self-taught ethical hacker. Walentin has years of experience in both security monitoring and technical security / penetration testing. Walentin works during the day and bug bounty programs at night. No one knows when Walentin sleeps.

  • Teo Selenius


    Teo has been involved in cybersecurity for a long time. The journey began with a hobby and self-study. Since then, Teo has worked as a developer, ethical hacker, application security consultant, trainer, company data protection officer, information security manager and hot dog seller at the golf course kiosk.

Try Hakatemia for free!

Try Hakatemia for free!

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