Cybersecurity jobs in Finland

Ever wondered where to find cybersecurity / ethical hacking jobs in Finland? Here is a list of companies that are hiring cybersecurity professionals.

"2NS is a domestic steadily growing information security company. At the center of our operations are a passion for information security, customer satisfaction and the satisfaction of our own employees, as well as their opportunity to develop.

Our range of services is extensive and our staff are experts in the field of information security. We implement a wide variety of projects for our customers in the areas of technical and administrative information security. Our customer profile is broad and we have customers from many different fields. We operate globally and we have customers in Finland and, for example, other Nordic countries.

It is also important for us to support the development of information security and the diversity of the industry, which is why we act as sponsors in several different hacker events and communities such as Disobey, HelSec and Women4Cyber ​​Finland."

Accenture is a global leader and the 46th largest company in the world, at the forefront of technological innovation and cybersecurity. Our extensive range of services emphasizes cybersecurity, protecting critical infrastructures and systems. Our expertise extends from securing banking transactions to ensuring the safety of modern cars, impacting the lives of millions worldwide.

Accenture's position in the field is further solidified by our ranking as the world's leading provider of cybersecurity services according to Gartner's 2023 report. Our long-standing commitment to the cybersecurity community is evident in our support for events and groups such as Disobey, HelSec, and Women4Cyber Finland.

At Accenture, every role is meaningful and impactful. Our professionals are central in protecting critical systems, bringing profound impact to the lives of countless individuals as part of a globally recognized team of experts.

"Elisa is a Finnish market leader in telecommunications and digital services. With digitalisation, we’re providing solutions for things that are important to people and for sustainable development.

We want to be a constantly developing cyber security partner for our customers, offering expertise, products, and services for the overall management of cyber security risks. In addition, of course, we maintain and secure infrastructure important to society.

We’re doing meaningful work – we secure Finland’s busiest network.

Elisa and elisians play an important role in ensuring the cyber security of Finns. We invest in the ever-growing field of cyber security services and want to protect both our domestic and international customers. We employ a group of top professionals in the field, and in accordance with our social responsibility, our goal is to enable a safe digital environment for everyone.

We also want to advance the development of information security field and the diversity of the industry, and we are involved in supporting various industry events and communities such as HelSec, Next Gen Hack FI and Women4Cyber ​​Finland."

"Nixu is a cybersecurity services company on a mission to make cyberspace a secure place. We help our clients ensure business resilience with peace of mind. Our experts secure the most demanding environments of some of the world's largest organizations in all industries.

At Nixu, we have like-minded colleagues who always do their best to identify the solutions that best meet the client’s needs. The most important part of our work often goes unnoticed by others, but we do not do this work for fame and glory. From hackers to lawyers, consultants to salespersons, we know we are doing important work – and this makes working at Nixu special."

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