Hakatemia for Schools

Introducing Hakatemia Teams

Are you looking for ready-made cybersecurity training material and practical exercises for your students, in Finnish or English, that you can easily assign to groups and track progress? Hakatemia Teams is this, and much more.

How do teams for schools work?

You can invite the students you want to the team, or allow students to join automatically based on the end of their email address. The user can divide into groups and set goals by group. It is easy to follow the progress of the goals, and students can compete with each other on the school's own leaderboard.

App screenshot
Hands-on exercises.
Hakatemia modules include lab exercises where you can practice what you have learned.
Gamified learning environment.
Users get experience points and levels for completed modules. Hakatemia has a platform-wide leaderboard, and each team has their own leaderboard where you can compete with your colleagues.
User groups.
Users invited to the team can be assigned to one or more team-specific groups. This allows, for example, DevOps teams to be assigned different exercises than marketing teams.
Comprehensive reports.
Report views provide a 365 view of the progress of different groups (which modules have been assigned to the group, how many have completed them, who is still missing, etc.).
Deadlines can be set for completing modules if desired.

Price is 10 € / month per member (VAT 0%).

Free demo

Try Hakatemia for free!

Try Hakatemia for free!

We will create you an account with which you can try out creating and maintaining a team for a week. If you are satisfied after the demo, we will make a contract and you can continue using the service with the same team. You do not have to start over after the demo.


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