Metasploit, that pentester's swiss army knife

Welcome to the wonderful world of Metasploit!

Metasploit is an attack framework. The term "framework" is a translation of the English word, and there is no smarter equivalent in the Finnish language.

What on Earth is a framework?

In this context, a framework refers to a codebase. More specifically, it refers to a stack of reusable Ruby code that makes it convenient to create more Ruby code that does cyber stuff. Particularly, the framework is designed for penetration testing.

No need to know Ruby!

You don't need to know how to code in Ruby to use Metasploit. In the course, we will also explore customization and building our own modules, but Metasploit already has thousands of these modules ready for you to get started. Besides, Metasploit now also supports Python extensions.

Step by Step

In the course, you progress step by step and practice using various techniques using Metasploit in the Hakatemian lab environment. After that, you will move on to exercises where you will no longer receive assistance, you only know the target's IP address, and you have access to Nmap and Metasploit, as well as the goal of breaking into the server by applying the skills you have learned in the course.

Jump onboard!

Studying Metasploit is not only useful but also super fun. Let's begin! Metasploit course

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