Fundamentals of Penetration Testing

33 h 10 min

Welcome to the Fundamentals of Penetration Testing! This path provides a comprehensive understanding of information security and IT fundamentals, including using the command line in a Linux environment, how networks operate, the basics of web development, and programming fundamentals. Throughout the course, we will also cover important skills for penetration testers, such as the use of tools like Nmap, Metasploit, and Wireshark, as well as Windows-based attacks. You will also practice exploiting some significant vulnerabilities related to various websites, which are valuable for a penetration tester to know.

The purpose of this path is to provide a clear roadmap for what to follow on the Hakatemia platform. However, if you find a specific topic particularly interesting or challenging, feel free to explore the full course on that subject, which you can find on the courses page.

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